Yoga for Seniors

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Yoga DVD's
    Gentle Yoga  
Stronger Standing Balance

    Yoga for Seniors is a gentle yoga practice that will:

    * strengthen the entire body
    *  improve balance
    *  increase range-of-motion & flexibility
    *  Improve posture, breathing and overall wellness

    Based on a popular class at the Buffalo Hills Terrace
    Assisted Living, this DVD will benefit seniors with a
    wide range of needs and abilities.   

    The DVD has two, 35 minute sections: A live yoga
    class with seniors ranging from 73-92, and an
    instructor only version.   Both teach the same 40
    safe, easy -to follow movements, all done either
    sitting in a chair, or standing alongside a chair.  

    The goal of this DVD is to help seniors live a fuller, more independent life.     Special emphasis is
    placed on increasing strength and flexibility in the muscles and joints most needed in performing
    everyday tasks.   For example, we do many movements that will:

    *  Strengthen the feet, ankles and legs to improve balance and help avoid falls;

    *  Strengthen the legs and hips, for greater mobility in getting up and down from chairs; and in and
    out of cars

    *   Increase range of motion in the shoulders, arms and hands, for greater ease in performing
    everyday tasks such as getting dressed and doing housework.   

    Full deep breathing is emphasized throughout.   Dr. Lisa Fleisher thought it was so good she
    bought 100 copies to give to her patients.   It will leave you feeling both relaxed and energized.

    This DVD is designed for people in mid-life
    (40's -70's) to help maintain or regain youthful strength,
    flexibility, balance, good posture, and a relaxed body
    and mind.    

    You'll learn to practice over 60 yoga poses safely
    and effectively.   The poses flow seamlessly one to
    another at an easy-to-follow pace to make the most
    of your exercise time.    

    You will be challenged in an appropriate, safe way
    while experiencing all the wonderful benefits of yoga.   
    Clear instruction and demonstrations make this
    perfect for beginners.   

    The DVD has 5 completely different sections:  

    Full body warm-up (20 minutes)  Perfect for early morning when you're still, or evening to help
    you unwind.  All poses are done lying on your back.   Many movements are done in coordination
    with the breath to encourage full, slow, deep breathing to help you relax.  

    Balances and Standing Poses (33 minutes)   Strong feet, ankles and legs and a good sense of
    balance are essential for an active life, and help cultivate confidence and inner strength.   Includes
    9 movements to strengthen the muscles and sense of balance, 2 traditional yoga balances, a slow
    flowing sequence of poses, and 4 traditional standing poses.

    Upper body (13 minutes)   Movements for the torso, neck, shoulders, arms, wrists and hands to
    help relieve tension in the shoulders and upper back, and increase upper body strength and range
    of motion.    All movements are done seated in a chair to allow you to focus on your upper body.

    Torso and Leg Strength & flexibility  (20 minutes)    Includes a wide variety of poses to strengthen
    the core muscles and move the spine in all directions, and forward bends to stretch the legs and
    hips and help quiet the mind.   All poses are done on the floor, either seated, kneeling, or lying.

    Relaxation   7 minutes)  Lie down and enjoy a wonderful guided relaxation.

    This unique DVD is designed to help people of almost
    all ages improve balance in just a few minutes a day
    (This DVD is not appropriate for older, fragile seniors).   
    Developing a good sense of balance is one of the
    most important things you can do to help you live an
    active, full life well into old age.    Improving your balance
    will affect everything you do physically.   Balance work
    strengthens the feet and ankles, which in turn supports
    healthier knees, hips, sacrum and spine.   Good balance
    helps you move freely, with confidence and grace.   
    Balance training improves focus and concentration,
    enhances athletic performance, and strengthens the
    core, legs and hips.   And with practice you'll be able to
    master yoga balances that once seemed impossible!

    There are 7 completely different active sections to give you a variety of ways to improve balance:

    *  Introduction & Understanding Balance - 10 minutes  (not an active practice)
    *  Awakening the muscles of Balance - 19 minutes   (non-balancing floor exercises, foot work)
    *  Balance Exercises - 14 minutes   (many easy balancing exercises)
    *  Standing poses - 9 minutes    (with a focus on strengthening the feet)
    *  Casual & Freeform Balancing - 3 minutes   (fun ways to work on balance during your day)
    *  Yoga Balances, Level One - 17 minutes   (easy supported versions of classic yoga balances)
    *  Yoga Balances, Level Two - 27 minutes  (classic versions and variations of Level 1 poses)
    *  Yoga Balances, Level Three - 12 minutes  (a challenging flow sequence of balance poses)
    *  Relaxation - 6 minutes

      Research shows that balance can be improved at any age, and the earlier you start, the better!
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